Entry 1: Why Do We Fall?

Hey everyone, it's me, Daniel, and this is my personal website! You may be thinking: what does this website function as? What will I be posting to it? To be honest, this website is meant to be a constant project that I can return to for my personal projects, and at this point I'm just getting started, so who knows what type of endeavors I'll fulfill with this site. But before I dive deeper into my own uncertainty of this website, I'll start by asking a simple question that you may have heard recently:

What's your new year's resolution?

Oh man, have we heard that one before. Some of the most common resolutions I've heard are, "I want to lose 20 lbs," or, "I want to quit smoking," or, "I want to learn something new." While these are admirable goals in themselves, they are just goals. A one-time achievement that with enough effort you can accomplish it. But then what? Once you've accomplished that goal, are you set for the entire year? If you lose those 20 lbs, how do you plan to keep them off? Are you going to quit smoking indefinitely, or are you going to see if it feels ok with your current lifestyle? And what happens when you learn something new, are you not going to learn anything else for the rest of the year?

Please note that I'm not belittling these goals because these are great goals, but I think a resolution is different from a goal. Dictionary.com defines resolution as "firmness of purpose." Basically, this means to be determined in accomplishing something. But more importantly, I believe that a resolution should be based on the new year. A new year's goal is a one-time deal, whereas a new year's resolution is for the entirety of the year.

So what's my new year's resolution? Well, I believe a practical resolution should be something that isn't that grand, after all, it has to be something that I have to do for the entire year (your new year's resolution could be grand if you wanted it to be, but I'll start with baby-steps). However, my resolution has to be something that I was not able to do last year; it has to be for the new year. Going back to those common "resolutions" I listed earlier, I think these would be more practical as resolutions than goals:

"I want to eat healthier so I can keep off any weight that I lose."

"I want to learn to live without the need of smoking."

"I want to be open to learning new things."

Part of my new year's resolution involves the entirety of this website. When I step back and think for a moment, I realize that this is a real website! This not a Blogger account or whatnot, but this website was built, from scratch, from a set of tools that I used to envision what I want to display online for the world to see. The world, looking at my little website. What should I post on here? What if people don't like my content? What if no one sees the hard effort I put into all of this? These are merely a few thoughts that keep reoccurring in my head as I type these words. But in the end, should these thoughts scare me? Should they squander my pursuits for creativity?

Sometimes I will Google "Motivation Quotes" and I'll stumble upon websites that have collected various quotes that help inspire me. But lately one quote has stuck with me, and it comes from Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins. The butler, Alfred, tells Bruce Wayne, "Why do we fall sir? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up." Falling, or failure, is not the end result. When we were toddlers just learning to walk, we'd often bump our heads into corners of furniture or trip over our own two feet. But as children we were often fearless, getting back on our feet after our mothers wiped away our tears and kissed our owies. As an adult, however, something as simple as publishing a website arises a little anxiety for me. And yet, my soul hungers for creative release, so I fall back to the drawing board and I'm left with this website sitting in my lap.

My new year's resolution demands me to not be afraid of things that hinder my endeavors, whether they be great or small. If I want to create worlds that once existed only in my dreams and imaginations, then I cannot succumb to the thought of failure or being disregarded. If I want my ambitions to see their fruition, then I must have faith in myself. My new year's resolution is this:

I want to pursue my creative endeavors with a fiery passion.

If this sounds simple, it is not. For at least the past decade, I have worked on several artistic projects from various activities. But none of them contained my full potential. Whether it was a class assignment, a personal project, or my senior thesis, I know I could have excelled past my wildest dreams if only I had a deeper fire in my gut that enabled me to flow with my true spirit. But that's all in the past. Now it is 2014, and I look forward to all the endeavors that I plan to accomplish with such gusto that it may even inspire others to fulfill their passions.

Thanks for reading, and as always, please leave comments and constructive criticism, and feel free to contact me if you so choose to. And next week I'll be uploading a gallery of images from my college art portfolio; I found a ton! Good luck with your own new year's resolutions!

Entry 2: Melodies of Bliss

Entry 2: Melodies of Bliss