Entry 5: The Beginning of a Master Builder

Entry 5: The Beginning of a Master Builder

Recently I watched The LEGO Movie in theaters, and it was fantastic! Using animation that resembled stop-motion, this movie felt "real" as I watched it in 3D, which worked perfectly for a film of this manner. The comedy was child-friendly and appealed to adults as well, but I think I was the only adult in the theater who stilled played with LEGOs extensively, which gave the humor a different level of appreciation. Basically, I would be the only person laughing at scenes that neither kids nor adults understood, like a brief reference of Bionicle and such.

My love of LEGO began around 1997, just a year or two before my younger brother was born. Through an online LEGO archive, I found the earliest LEGO set that I can remember owning, Chopper Force. I remember playing with this set and using the mechanic system that would make the blades spin at a child-safe speed. The only remnants we have of that set is one of the slanted red piece on its side, which we still have to this day.

1997  Chopper Force

1997 Chopper Force

The most memorable LEGO set I remember owning was the 1998 Solo Sub. Its cockpit design was really unique and to this day we still have that piece in working condition, which is surprising considering that the piece hinges on itself. Back then I also had the matching set Recon Ray, which we still have most of those pieces after several brothers played with them after several moves across the country.

1998  Solo Sub

1998 Solo Sub

1998  Recon Ray

1998 Recon Ray

One of the surviving pieces from that old set is a LEGO silver crystal. Most of its shiny enamel is worn away, which loses all of its original reflectivity. But the neatest thing about this piece, aside from it being a main story component in our LEGO adventures, is the fact that it came from a LEGO set that came out in 1998. This was the year my younger brother, Chris, was born. After I sit back and think for a moment, I have this plastic little piece that is as old as my brother. That's really cool when you think about it.

1998 LEGO Crystal from  Recon Ray

1998 LEGO Crystal from Recon Ray

After my brother become old enough to learn the power of destruction, I was left with incomplete LEGO sets. This left me with odds and ends, but this also began my life-long passion of building things. My earliest creation that I built from scratch was a long and narrow spaceship, which I named Dragoon. From then I would always build any newly-bought LEGO sets, wait about a week for my brother to inevitably destroy it, and then proceed with building something entirely new.

After a while I was no longer concerned when my brother destroyed my creations, because in the end it meant that I could enjoy building a new one-of-a-kind LEGO set. I guess this constant yin-yang of building/destruction led to my brother and me having totally different personalities. While my brother's personality is hell-bent on playful conflict and destruction, my personality of building and problem solving evolved from creating LEGO sets from other incomplete sets. In a way, LEGOs helped shape me into the person I am today.

Even to this day I still treasure LEGOs, and every time I visit my brothers I will often lock myself in their room and build with LEGOs for days. Our collection of LEGO pieces is in the thousands, which we have accumulated over 15 years. The creations and adventures we have had with those LEGOs are countless. One time I used every piece we had and built a makeshift tower that reached the ceiling. It was a pointless and non-playable creation, but it was as big in size as me.

This past winter I built several LEGO sets, and one of them was a recreation of the infamous Dragoon. This version, however, had a uniform design and had wings to aid it in its pursuits in space. That was my latest creation, which was a full-circle creation that spanned over a decade of building LEGOs. The images of the Dragoon can be found in the LEGO Creations image gallery.

2014  Dragoon

2014 Dragoon

If any of you have ever played with LEGOs or had siblings/children who played with them, go watch The LEGO Movie. Better yet, go watch it even though you may have never seen a LEGO in person, because the movie itself is humorous and has a great story.

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