Entry 14: Which Biblical Character Are You?

Entry 14: Which Biblical Character Are You?

I must point out that this is not an actual quiz, it is more of a personal analysis and partial-rant. I see these quizzes all over Facebook, and while some of them are interesting they can also get extremely repetitive and annoying. I personally would like to know more about you versus what other character you might be like. Although I am guilty of falling subject to a few quizzes here and there, I would rather hear your input on your result than just a simple, "LOL so true."

That being said, today's blog entry is actually based on Biblical characters. If I asked, "What Biblical Character Would You Strive To Be Like?" then that would have a totally different result. If these online quizzes were open-ended and required a fill-in-the-blank instead of a multiple choice, would you take the quiz? Perhaps I should start asking these questions and let people respond directly.

Anyways, Which Biblical Character Am I?

While I would be interested in knowing this question, I would rather answer the question, "Which Biblical Character Would I Strive To Be Like?"  I assume people would respond with Jesus as the most popular answer, but not I. Although Jesus is a worthy idol to strive to be like, I am riddled with my own self-doubt to even consider being like Him.

When I was a child, I would spend my time observing the world. How did things work? Why do others do that? What does this mean? These were some of the simple questions I had, but as a child I didn't know much. I even remember the day I asked my mom if God controls us, and I remember the night I finally understood what death was and I told my mom that I didn't want to die.

Throughout my life I have enjoyed asking questions, tried to discover the meaning of life, and watching the world unfold in front of me. I truly believe that I am a logical-minded person, which does not mean I am full of logic but rather I analyze things instead of experiencing them. That being said, the biggest and most puzzling question I live with is about faith.

I was raised in a Christian family later in life (around high school), and I have enjoyed the many teachings I have learnt from Bible studies. But my personality is logic-based, not so much feeling-based. This means that religion doesn't make sense to me. It never has. I understand all the stories and the miracles that are told from the Bible, but I still have a disconnect with putting my faith in them.

I remember the day I once put my faith into God. It was a church event called Consuming Fire and I remember having the best Spicy Chick'n Crisp sandwich from Burger King that day. During the talk the host who was giving the lecture was becoming passionate about his speech. I don't remember what he said, but I do remember tears coming to my eyes. I also remember the man pointing me out from the sea of other teens and saying, "Look! This young man understands what I'm really saying!" He pulled me from the crowd of 200 teens and I joined him on stage. I understood what God did that day, and the man invited anyone from the crowd to join me and worship together. I remember others running up to the stage filled with joyful tears and praising upwards to God. I sat there and wept humbly at the ground.

That night I was filled with the Fire of God, which impassioned my faith beyond logic. It changed my entire outlook on life. At first I looked at life with reason and logic, but afterwards I looked at life with wonderment and doubt. What was faith? At times I thought faith was ignorance, but even without faith I still would look at things with ignorance. After several weeks of having a new purpose in life, I didn't know what to do. No one was there to encourage me, and to make matters worse, I was a teen who still had many things to learn. I remember a good friend of mine saying that she hated religion and it hurt me. My faith began to unsettle.

Since the Consuming Fire event, I have never achieved that amount of bliss with faith. It was a high that I could not chase, and because of my logical nature I began to doubt everything again. But this whole ordeal helped me relate to a character in the Bible who dealt with similar struggles: Solomon.

Many people know the story about David and Goliath, but I enjoy the stories of his son, Solomon, even more. Solomon prayed for wisdom when he was a child-made-king, and God blessed him with divine wisdom because it was unselfish. But later in life Solomon left his faith for the normal life. He is noted for writing Ecclesiastics, which is a book of wisdom that features the infamous lines:

‘Meaningless! Meaningless!’
says the Teacher.
’Utterly meaningless!
Everything is meaningless.’
— Ecclesiastics 1:2

Even with his pessimistic outlook on life, Solomon later in this book says to keep God's ways close to you, in spite of the futile nature of life. I would surely admit that I strive to be like Solomon, a man who judges the world in fairness and weighs the good and bad, a man who was not sought for his intelligence but for his unworldly wisdom, a man who lost his way but reminisces in his old faith. In one way I cannot call myself a Christian, but in another way I know I'll never dismiss my belief in God. This weekend is Easter weekend; a day for lamenting and a day for jubilation. Whatever your faith is, or lack thereof, enjoy the peaceful day with family and friends and good spirit.

Thanks for reading, please enjoy these two videos that have a huge impact on me. One is a music video that perfectly describes how I wonder what I will do after this life is over. The other video is just overwhelming with amazing phrases and passion.

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