Entry 31: Play - Part 2

Entry 31: Play - Part 2

Last week I took some time off from work to visit some family in Texas. A week of vacation meant I could have time to myself and work on a few personal projects.

I was wrong.

As soon as I landed in Texas, we went to the beach in Port Aransas. My aunt, uncle, three cousins, two brothers, and both of my parents went to a small island along the coast of Texas. The beach was covered in seaweed and the sand was either dark and dirty or light and had a vengeance for your eyes.

Although I refused to join the young members of the family in the water, I took a few videos of some neat treasures.

Aside from a family time and relaxation, I was still trapped on an island. I'm sure some people have written novels and books about being your own island and whatnot, but a literal island is not my idea of R&R. I basically wanted to use my time off from work to be productive, but my aunt enforced the rule of "we are on vacation" and work of any kind is not allowed.

I had to pass the second day from the beach because I was feeling miserable about doing nothing. That day I stayed in the hotel and tried to work on a few projects, but I had to battle with getting the internet to work, but I inevitably lost, so I resorted to watching weird cartoons and walking around the island.

By the way, the mother in The Amazing World of Gumball on Cartoon Network, Nicole Watterson, is a fantastic and hilarious character!

During this trip I also had a lot of conversations with my dad, who is a great role model and friend. I pick up a lot of my humor from that man, but we also exchange life lessons. One of the things he talked about during this trip was being with family and enjoying the act of doing nothing.

All the younger cousins wanted to hangout with me, but one of those days I went with the adults to eat dinner while my younger brother watched the children. I had some great hushpuppies, and one of my relatives was easily inebriated by a margarita cupcake. Fun stuff.

The last day at the beach was still so-so for me, but I tried to make the best out of it by recording some video of our shenanigans with some seagulls. To be honest, they are rats with wings.

After we returned from the beach, my dad took the older boys and me to the Devil's Backbone near San Antonio. It was a hilly region, and venturing out at 8am helped to beat the heat.


My last night in Texas comprised of us playing LEGO Creationary, which is like Pictionary but with LEGO bricks. This game is the best when a person doesn't know how to build with LEGO bricks, i.e. my uncle. He "built" a broken forklift.

So all in all, my vacation was just that; a vacation. I got nothing accomplished, and that was ok. I spent some time with family and I got a nice phone screensaver out of it.

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