Entry 58: Inside the Mind of a LEGO Madman

Entry 58: Inside the Mind of a LEGO Madman

Last weekend I ventured to IKEA to look for a desk, but I was pleasantly surprised when I found this gem for my brothers:

It's a cubic-divided shelf! This is something that I would buy for myself, but I was limited to a desk for now.

With this shelf, my younger brothers are now able to store and showcase their LEGO creations without shoving them into a plastic bin under the bed. Here are some pictures that show what's being stored:

The only issue we had with the shelf was finding a place to put it. Eventually we placed it over a light-switch, which made me laugh every time someone bashed their hand into it:

Spartans doing their job and protecting the light-switch.

Additionally, I also spent an unnecessary amount of money on plastic storage organizers for our spare LEGO bricks, but I think it's worth it:

We used to store our LEGO bricks in a large plastic bin, but it would make a ton of noise when we rummaged through all the pieces just to find out there is no other white 2x1 brick. Now, I have all the LEGO Technic pieces separated and each brick alphabetized (ok, that last part is not entirely true):

Here are the links to find everything I talked about (no, this is not a sales pitch, I just love these things).

The shelving unit from IKEA:


The small plastic storage organizers from Home Depot:


The medium plastic storage organizers from Home Depot:


And for the pull-out organizer, I've had these for years, but here is a similar one at Home Depot:


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