Entry 59: Accomplishment

Entry 59: Accomplishment

I have a great sense of satisfaction for completing a task. Whether it be a chore, homework, project, or video game, I love finishing a goal so I can accomplish another goal. I often tell friends and acquaintances about this inner-drive in the form of this metaphor:

I am a shipbuilder.

I love to build water vessels, ships, and boats of all shapes and sizes.

Do I care for the oceans and all the beauty it holds? I do not.

Do I care for the adventure of the open sea and discovering new and exciting places? I do not.

Do I care about the spray of the water, the smell of the salt, or the carefree nature the big blue has in store for me?

I do not care for these things, for I am a shipbuilder.

love reading the blueprints, working with other craftsmen, and setting each piece into its proper place.

I love learning how the shape of each hull, sail, and rudder effects the performance of every ship.

I love knowing that each ship design is possible, and each successful sailor is a testament from my work.

I love finishing a ship, no matter if twenty of the same type came before it.

I love working with new styles and designs from exotic ships.

I love discovering issues and problems with the initial design, because it gives me opportunity to learn again and figure out how to resolve this puzzle.

I love watching each ship set sail, so that there is another empty spot in the shipyard to make another ship.

I am a shipbuilder.

In a nutshell, I love to figure out why things stop working, create old and new stuff, and understand how the gears turn. As a young child, my younger brother found ways to break my stuff, and I found ways to fix or recreate them.

As a teenager, I loved playing video games. Once the Xbox 360 came out with Achievements, I was hooked to video games. I could play a single game for over 30 hours, even though the main storyline was only 6 hours long. But there was one game that shattered my addiction to video games, and it was Madden NFL 10.

This game required you to play online to obtain an Achievement. Well, as it turns out, the developers shut down the online servers before I could revisit this game to complete it. It is now impossible to complete this game fully, and now my Achievement Completion Ratio will never be 100%.

Aside from that devastating moment in my gaming career, I now play games recreationally, which actually grants me more time to work on other projects and goals, such as art.

Art is a difficult subject because it is always criticized by default. An artist can always make something inspiring, beautiful, or with the ability to solve world hunger, but some critic will always find a way to demotivate you and your work. With the mentality of trying to create artwork that will please everyone, you begin to realize that this simply cannot be accomplished.

Instead, I have learned that art is a form of self-expression, much like a personality. Not everyone will fall in love with your charm or sense of humor, and art falls under those same rules. So, I create my art with the intention that it is something I enjoy.

For these past two months, I have been developing and writing my new animated short film. It still has a long way to go, since I am the only production team member. After creating 415 storyboard panels, however, I feel accomplished enough that I can make it to the next phase, and that'll lead me to the phase after that one, until ultimately I create a 3D movie.

I have nothing worthwhile to show from my current progress without giving away story plot, but this month is the Layout and Concept Art phase, so I will definitely accomplish much within these upcoming weeks to unveil some of what I have been working excitedly on.

Until next time. 

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