Entry 62: Fearless

Entry 62: Fearless

This week I bought one of my favorite movies, and my favorite installment from the Pixar series: Ratatouille.

View of Paris and Remy, via Pinterest

Ever since it came out on DVD, I have watched this movie dozens of times. Personally, I don't really care about food, so the elements of cooking and fine dining wasn't the appeal. I also don't care much either way for rats or other rodents, so the creatures didn't grab my attention. And I'm not fond of sight-seeing or visiting other countries, so the Paris setting wasn't what sold me for this movie.

So why is this my favorite Pixar movie? Honestly, I never knew for the longest time. At first I thought it was the constant use of macro and small depth-of-field lens effects throughout the film (since it's primarily from the rat's perspective), but this isn't the case.

This week, I wanted to watch Ratatouille, which my family owns. However, it turns out it was lost for some time, so I bought it digitally and watched it that night. After years of the last time I watched it, I witnessed an entirely different movie from a different perspective.

For those who haven't seen the movie, I shall not spoil anything major.

The main premise is an ordinary rat with an extraordinary ability to smell and taste ingredients, which drives him to cook. He realizes his predicament of trying to be a chef in a human world, and more specifically, in Paris. He later partners with a lowly cook to blend amongst the other people in the kitchen.

Their adventures are whimsical as the duo tries to work together without getting caught, but an underlying theme resonated throughout the film that made me realize why I love this film.

After watching this movie again, I realized the main character struggled to use his talents that he passionately wanted to share with others. He knew he was capable of greatness, but many obstacles stood in his way. When he was ultimately challenged to stand up for what he believed in, his true ability finally shined through.

Take a look at this scene/quote from the movie:

Fearless quote, via Pinterest

To my interpretation, Remy the rat is an artist. He is reminded to be imaginative with his work, and dare to try new things even though they might fail. In spite of him being a rat, he should not back down from what he loves, because the only thing that can limit his potential is his soul.

I wrote a Blog Entry last month about an animator who was the physical embodiment of passion, to which you could clearly see in his work. He knew his purpose in life was to create, and that was what he did until the day he passed away. His legacy wasn't his artwork, but his insane drive which was seen through his work. Much in the same way Remy's passion was food, his passion was seen through his cooking.

So what is my passion? I have written several times about this phenomenon, but it's not for the feint-hearted. Passion can drive oneself into a dark rabbit hole where great things can happen, but it can also cause ties to be severed. The passionate animator I wrote about was so creative-driven that he sacrificed sleep because he believed it wasn't necessary. Remy the rat was so driven to cook that he almost abandoned his family and way of life to pursue it.

Although passion is a shining beacon that others will marvel at, there is a reason why so few are able to make the plunge and give up everything to achieve what they endeavor for.

Sometimes it takes a lack of fear to turn dreams into a reality.

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