Entry 69: Your Goodwill Changes Everything

Entry 69: Your Goodwill Changes Everything

Back in March, I was able to get a temp job at Goodwill. They call their program a "Transitional" job because they help you find a job while giving you a job at the same time. The pay is basic and the hours are part-time,  but they recruited me into their program within a day.

I was placed into the Textile department, which is a really simple job once you learn where things are and how it works. My day is fairly routine, starting with these tasks:

  • Grab clothes from a bin and hang them on a rolling rack. Usually I have to do a quick check to make sure that the clothes have no rips, stains, etc., and I organize the hanged clothes by type (pants, shirts, and so on).
  • Print price tags according to what is hung on the rack (usually 100 items).
  • Tag the price tags onto the correct items on the rack.
  • Circle the size of each item on the price tags.
  • Place each item in its correct spot in the store.
  • Organize and tidy-up the clothing section for presentability.

Fairly simple, but this usually composes of 8 hours of standing and walking, which is a huge change from my tech job.

After 2 weeks of working at Goodwill, I was asked by several of my supervisors if I was interesting in becoming a permanent team-member at the store. At the time I enjoyed doing my job for them, so I decide to take it. I was then scheduled an appointment to undergo the "Orientation."

One of my fellow co-workers went to Orientation before I did, and she came back with a smile and kept talking about how "enlightening" the event was. I couldn't imagine what she meant by this, because what could they tell me about Goodwill that I didn't already know? It's just a donation store, after all...

I was completely wrong.

The Orientation was led by Miss Bel, a happy and friendly lady who loved working for Goodwill. She was excited to talk to us about the greatness that Goodwill offers. Over the course of two days, I was enlightened by the Orientation of Goodwill.

First of all, Goodwill is a donation station and store, but they represent something bigger than that. By accepting donations from people and selling them back to the community at an affordable rate, the income that is made is used to make more jobs at Goodwill. About 90% of Goodwill's income is then recirculated back to hire more employees to organize and itemize the donations.

Simply put, my job helps other people get jobs, too.

With those jobs, Goodwill will help people get back on their feet and find better jobs. Goodwill even has a Careers Center that can train people to be certified in high-demand fields, like medical professions. Since Goodwill is so motivated in helping people getting better jobs, they even provide tuition reimbursement to help their employees get their degrees.

Goodwill also has an "Open Door Culture," which allows a diverse amount of people to become employees. How diverse do you think Goodwill is? Goodwill employs people without regard to their:

  • Sex
  • Race
  • Color
  • Religion
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Gender Identity
  • National Origin
  • Age
  • Disability
  • Genetic Information
  • Veteran Status
  • Non-violent Criminal Background

Goodwill believes in helping people get jobs, no matter what past they came from. One program they have is called the "Fresh Start Program," which allows ex-offenders to work for them. The majority of people I work with in my department have served time in prison, and they are some of the hardest working people I know. This is because Goodwill believes those people made mistakes in their past and it shouldn't hinder them for the rest of their lives, so these people are more than grateful for getting a second chance.

Goodwill also wants people to become financially stable. Aside from employing people with a good income, Goodwill also partners with several financial institutions that provide home-buying goals, loan assistance, health insurance, and retirement plans. For free.

Additionally, Goodwill believes so much in creating jobs that stimulate the economy that they forgo advertisement because they would rather use the money to pay for more employees. So how does Goodwill spread the word about their mission?

The mission of Goodwill is to change lives through the power of work. By giving jobs to nearly any person, the mere grace of Goodwill is exciting enough to spread on its own. Whenever people donate their old stuff to Goodwill, they are donating more than clothes, appliances, books, movies, furniture, or toys.

Donators are providing jobs.

So the Goodwill of your donations helps much more than you can imagine; it changes everything, and that's worth sharing.

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