Entry 89: The Mint Girl

Entry 89: The Mint Girl

I had a dream of a story — a love story to be exact.

A young woman wakes up from her daily life in a foreign land. Was she kidnapped? It can't be a dream, because everything is too real for it to be fake. Her new bed is crude, the walls are old, and her phone is missing. Missing?! Without her mobile device, she cannot call her friends for help. She is trapped here, wherever she may be.

She explores outside her window, and the sunny hills and meadows wave in the breeze. Songbirds are calling out with vigor, and not a single streetcar can be heard. She was a city girl, living the life, but now she was apparently out in the middle of nowhere.

She walks through the dark house and steps into the blinding daylight. It's true; she's isolated in the middle of nowhere. Not a single house can be seen in the distance. Panic starts to fill her head, but before she is able to lose it, someone calls out to her.

In the opposite hills, a man is waving to her as he makes his way to the house. Not knowing who the man is, she returns the wave out of politeness. Counting the seconds, she waits for the man, since there seems to be no alternative and he looks friendly enough.

The man reaches the house, and gives the young lady a grand kiss on the cheek, and proclaims how much he missed his "love" even after being gone for only a few hours. Confused, the girl goes along with it, thanking him. He goes on and on about his little adventure to the market over the hills, which is genuinely uninteresting to the girl. But there is something about how he narrates his simple trip; his voice carries so much passion and excitement and joy that it brings a huge grin to the girl's face. She has no idea what he is talking about, but she becomes as happy as he is.

Realizing that he has been talking for a while, he pauses to look at the girl and notices her smiling. He proclaims how much beauty she radiates when she smiles, and this causes her to blush severely. Not noticing her blushing, the man grabs her hand and leads her to the back of the house.

The man tells her that he finally finished her gift, and apologizes that he had to make her wait for so long. The girl goes along with it, and as they open the back gate, she sees two little children playing with a small pile of soil. The two little girls look up and yell out, "mommy!" as they start running to the woman.

The young woman becomes light-headed as she makes the connection that these children must mean that the man is the father. The girls embrace the woman's legs from their small stature, and the woman blushes when she realizes how wonderfully beautiful these children look.

The man tells them that it's time to show "mommy" her gift, and the little girls run and scream with joy as they head towards a makeshift greenhouse in the corner of the backyard. They plead with their father, asking if they can open it for their mother, but the man insists that their mother open it, since it is her gift.

With uncertainty, the woman opens the entryway, which creaks from the rusted hinges. Inside the greenhouse is rows of herbs and spices, filling the air with a wonderful pleasure of scents. But the most prominent aroma that she can smell is mint. Hanging near the entryway are several pots filled with mint plants.

The smell and sight of the amazing mint causes her heart to flutter. Her favorite experience in life is waking up to her morning tea, brewed with fresh mint. Seeing the amazing garden filled with her most cherished delight brings her to tears. The man laughs and tells the girls that he knew she would love it.

The woman embraces the man and proclaims that she cherishes the gift. He says that he would do anything for his love, and with that, they both close their eyes as they passionately kiss. When the woman opens her eyes, she sees a ceiling fan spinning.

Letting out a big yawn, the woman sits up from her bed and looks around her room. The walls are ornamented with picture frames, her bed spreads are still new, and her phone lights up on her nightstand as it receives a text message. She gets out of bed and looks out her window, watching each car pass by on the street. Her country-side dream was just that...

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