Entry 146: The Pixar List

Entry 146: The Pixar List

The superb quality of Pixar movies, both in terms of visuals and storytelling, have captured my wonderment since the beginning. With the exception of Monsters University, I have seen all of them to date. Each one has a defining moment that sets them apart from any film on the market, yet they touch the hearts of people in different ways, which is why I enjoy some and not enjoy some as much.

Toy Story

The first installment, this film created a world that was unlike anything out there. In a child's imagination, this was how their favorite toys lived. My favorite scene is the car chase at the end, and Mr. Potato-head exploding.

A Bug's Life

A creative and daring individual, Flik builds wonderful contraptions to help his colony, and in the end he regains their faith in him. I enjoy the mock bird scene, piloted by a bunch of kids.

Toy Story 2

A wonderful sequel to a great film, the gang rounds up on a rescue mission to save Woody from a toy collector. The repair scene with Woody is ever so satisfying with the amazing attention to detail.

Monsters, Inc.

Set in the monster's universe, their jobs and livelihood is based on collecting the screams of children as a power source. The door chase scene between dimensions is as convoluted as it is fun. Also, John Goodman's voice.

Finding Nemo

A classic among the franchise, a father crosses an entire ocean to save his son. The Shark-Bait initiation is a reoccurring phrase in our household because of this film.

The Incredibles

The original Avengers movie, a retired superhero saves his fellow superheroes from being systematically wiped out, with the aid of his family. The final battle with every person trying to destroy the invincible robot is cool.


A hotshot car is taken to the rural countryside and is taught a valuable lesson in humility. The transformation in the main character is outstanding, and in the end he is willing to give up his dream to help others.


Not only my favorite Pixar film, but also one of my all time favorite film, a rat becomes more than himself as he enters the human's culinary world. An artist with food, no one expects a rat to amount to anything, yet he overcomes his own fears and learns who he really is on the inside: a cook.


A love story of a trash compacting robot and a futuristic laser-wielding robot. The amount of emotion that a robot can express is amazing, and its chirps and beeps add so much character.


An old man fulfills his late wife's dream of visiting South America, with the aid of a boy scout and a talking dog. Kevin is funny, especially when she chokes on Mr. Fredricksen's cane.

Toy Story 3

This time, the gang rounds up again to break out of a prison-like daycare. Many people tell me that the ending is one of the saddest in all of the Pixar films, but unfortunately I am not affected by the toy's loss.

Cars 2

The cars race overseas and uncover a conspiracy. And that's kind of it. I do not remember much of this film, unfortunately.


A tomboy princess fights the system that expects her to be ladylike. The funny moments of the bear is wonderfully contrasted by the dark realization that it is still a bear.

Monsters University

I have yet to see this film. Gonna watch it tonight.

Inside Out

Five emotions in a girl's head are personified into distinct characters. Amy Poehler does a wonderful job as a hyper character, much like in Parks and Rec. Also, my mother said she fell asleep during this film in the theater, so I was hesitant about this movie. However, I was thoroughly enraptured by the unique story, and I cried my eyes out at the end.

The Good Dinosaur

A runt of the litter try to prove his worth and ends up on an adventure with a human boy. The visuals are spectacular and look amazingly life-like.

Finding Dory

Another great sequel to a great film, Dory attempts to reunite with her long-lost parents. The emotion weight of memory loss is beautifully captured in an amazing manner.

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