Entry 123: Pending Projects - Part 1

Entry 123: Pending Projects - Part 1

Personally, I've wanted to document all of my projects that I am currently working on or plan to work on, so I'll compile most of them into this Entry with minor details.


"Project Tortoise" (3D animated short film, in pre-production)

A short film that shows the relationship of Life and Death, as told by someone who has never experienced a significant loss.

"Project Cancer" (2D/3D animated short film, TBA)

A short film that depicts individuals who, together, function as a larger entity, but individually, no longer united.

"Project Canine" (2D animated feature film, TBA)

Based on a dream, a mystical world filled with human-like dogs who team up and battle one another to uncover a criminal organization attempting to achieve godhood.

Untitled Christmas music video (live action, TBA)

While most commercials depict the holiday season as joyous, this video dives into the darker side of the holidays with a cheerful song.

"Mint Girl" (live action short film, TBA)

Based on a dream, a young lady awakes in a foreign countryside and briefly lives a wonderful marriage.

"Lunchbox" (live action short film, TBA)

A poor father bestows his young daughter a brand-new lunchbox for school, and the struggle he underwent to purchase this lavish gift is shown.

"The R Project" (2D animated series, TBA)

Based on a decade of personal imaginative stories, this narrative follows the experiences of an inevitable extinction that awaits for man, monsters, and gods.


"Project Lance" (isometric multiplayer, TBA)

Designed to be fast-paced, this simple game of tag features a level creator, customizable characters, and a challenging ascension of teamwork and skill.

"Project Cave" (2D side-scrolling adventure, collaboration, TBA)

Based in prehistoric times, this game depicts the story of the caveman and all the struggles they endured to remain as the dominant species.

LEGO Creations

Mobile fortress (in progress)

After the decision to repurpose a 3000-piece LEGO Star Destroyer for something with practical use, this creation features a modular military base that can fold up for transportation.

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