LEGO Mobile Fortress

LEGO Mobile Fortress

Earliest designs of this project began in March of 2016 when my LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer was tired of collecting too much dust and not getting enough attention like all the other bricks. The main goal with this custom creation was to build something large, portable, and, most importantly, really cool.

Over 2,600 pieces and 42-inches wide when opened, this set features a range of technological gadgets to test the limits of science. This fortress is deigned to be transported to the most remote locations to conduct a series of experiments on the local wildlife, resources, and even its own personnel!


The most notable design element of this creation is its ability to fold. The walls use simple friction to maintain its hinge, while the extending "arms" was inspired by a jewelry box hinge.

Everything within went through several redesigns to achieve a compact form, which allows for the most amount of fun in a small box.

For the little children who play with this, I added green "markers" that designate spots that are secure enough to handle when opening and transporting.

The extending arms are not only fashionable, but they are sturdy enough for kids to roughly jam their mini-figures into without much worry of accidental destruction.

Like most of the LEGO Collector Series, I've added additional details and greeble to enhance the overall look.


Once this mobile fortress is dropped off in the middle of nowhere, the personnel can enter the structure through a secure entrance, which requires verification so that bears and other creatures don't just trot inside uninvited.

Greeting the personnel inside is a simple control setup that allows them to lower the outer hydraulic dampers and open the fortress walls.

Here are those hydraulic dampers I mentioned, which allow the walls to "safely" open. When you lower the walls, the dampers retract back into their original spots.

Budget didn't approve for escalators, so stairs will have to do.

If you feel the need to escape the safe confines of science, then there is a Survival Station that includes wet gear, snow gear, a harpoon gun, and a flare gun. Or if you are daring enough, you could take to the skies over at the Jetpack Station.

Repairs are performed in house, and this array of tools can fix just about anything.

Not all science is safe, so this cache of armaments will help you sleep better at night. If your trusty gun is not up to par, then there is a Calibration Station next door.

Sometimes the local flora is actually edible, so this Plant Station can be cultivated into a sustainable food source. Once harvested, the vegetation can be cooked at the Food Processing Station and turned into convenient food bars. Salt and pepper may be needed.

The earth has much to offer, too, so collecting some ground material and tossing it into the grinder will yield fabulous results over at the Mineral Station, like bits of ores and soil for your plants.

And believe it or not, the sky is filled with resources as well! This Air Reclamation Tower filters the various gases in the atmosphere and separates them into combustible gas for the jetpacks, oxygen for the scuba gear, and water for drinking.

All this tech doesn't monitor itself, so this Logistics Center can help regulate and control most of the functions within this fortress.

Speaking of tech, this fortress also features a Repair Station for any vehicles that decide to tag along for research. A Control Tower rises to get a better view, while to Articulating Repair Arm can make its magic happen with its fuel pump, welder, impact drill, and calibrating wrench.

To bright the mood of the personnel, this Communication Tower can pickup satellite radio and switch to FM/AM. It also sends reports to command, but that's boring stuff.

This fortress also houses a Medical Station, which can cure most upset stomaches and headaches. Just select the appropriate treatment cartridge and insert it into the healing chamber for instant relief.

Next door is a little Drone Launcher Station, which does exactly that; it launches a drone into the air. Once airborne, the drone will transform into a delivery mode, enabling it to pick up crates.

The drone can pickup supplies over at the Crate Station, which is currently configured to hold weapons.

And to wrap things up, here is a random assortment of design elements and oddities, including speakers, a dolly, hoses, pipes, valves, switches, and levers.

Additionally, this fortress uses a Reactor Unit to provide power to everything, conveniently located in the center of this fortress. You can check out that photo set and video here.

If you enjoyed this custom LEGO set and would like to see more, then check out my Patreon and see my other projects that I'm working on. Thanks!

Much of this was inspired by the creativity of JK Brickworks, which you can find some really cool LEGO videos on their YouTube channel and some sneak peeks on their Twitter. Thanks Jason and Kristal!

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